The Greatest Snow on Earth and Your Favorite Genealogist

I have traveled through Central and Southern Utah three times since the end of January 2010–each time encountering a hellacious snowstorm for about 1/3 of the way. This morning was the third trip–just south of Nephi the snow flurries began. By the time I reached Beaver summit–6600 feet–the snow was so thick that semi-trucks were parking almost on the road surface and smaller vehicles were sliding off the road altogether.

I followed a slow-moving truck. When the driver turned on his flashers, I did the same. When he slowed to 25 miles an hour, I did the same. Impatient types would move into position to pass, think better of it and creep back into line. As we approached Beaver, some 10 miles further south from the summit, 25 vehicles passed my lead truck and my heavily-loaded 1/2 ton pickup.  Imagine 25 vehicles backed up by a slow-moving truck and me!

Beaver Mountain ski area got 18 inches of fresh powder this morning alone, and it appears to be still snowing. So the “greatest snow on earth”–actually Utah’s Spring snow–has lived up to its reputation again. And I got the chance to hone my winter driving skills once again too.

Utah has a new highway program to keep the roads free of ice: they spread a white liquid on the freeway surface the day before a storm is expected. Leaving 5-6 white stripes running down the lane, falling snow  melts without turning to ice. If it snows heavily, the snow will cake on the road, but…there is no ice underneath it to cause your vehicle to slide. Your control is increased and you drive with much less stress.

You might consider my suggestions on evidence in this blog as your white liquid spread across your pedigree to prevent ice build-up on the surface.  Sources you search to document and prove  your toughest ancestors and their connections now stand a chance:   Each blog will increase your awareness of what evidence is the most significant as proof for your pedigree. And precisely which sources supply proof for what facts in your ancestors’ lives.

I am on my way to speak all day to a group of avid genealogists in Northern Orange County CA–Southern Research; the Appalachian Triangle (Southwestern Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, Northwestern North Carolina, and Northeastern Tennessee with ties into Georgia and Alabama); Tracing Ladies on your Pedigree, and Family History for Fun and Profit. I have completely new handouts and some key maps for each attendee.

Are you planning to attend?

There is still room and still time to register and show up early enough to ask intelligent questions about your hard-to-find ancestors. Go to and check the event out. We’ll meet at the Brea CA United Methodist Church on Saturday 13 March 2010.  Tracing Southern US ancestry is my premier specialty!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  NEW STUFF is happening:

  1. We are adding a shopping cart to ease your  ordering  of genealogy research and how-to-publications.  Remember: “We trace your family tree or teach you how.  “Kathryn Bassett, my webmaster, has worked super hard to get the shopping cart up and ready.
  2. Afton Reintjes has finished the proof reading of her new Tennessee Research.  She ready all 136 pages from cover to cover–every word.  In 2 days.  And she and I are very excited about this brand new edition.  Copies will be ready about 25 March (somehow it always takes longer than you are first quoted)  and well worth ordering if you have a Tennessee ancestor.
  3. My lovely and engaging face (Ha!) can now be ordered on t-shirts of your choosing, totes, coffee cups, and other goodies!  That is a real bonus for knowing me.  Check the menu on my Home Page.
  4. I am adding a series of white papers and checklists to my other publications at seminars and expos–most are $1.00 and a few up to $3.00.  Very popular in this era where every penny counts.  And very soon I will have a list of them on my Home Page, in case you want to order online.
  5. Many new, personal genealogy collections, some of considerable size, have been added to the Genealogy Library Center, Inc.–my non-profit library.  I picked up 5 more at the Family History Expo in St George last week.  The latest one, delivered to the Library in Tremonton UT, is the professional research files of Barbara J. Dalby.  Her son brought a whole pick-up truck full of boxes.  She researched and taught in Chicago, Florida, and Salt Lake City–and most genealogy events across the country for many years.  Watch for an updated list on my Home Page very shortly.
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