Custer Archives For Sale!

Actually, the whole town of Garryowen, Montana, where the Battle of the Little Bighorn began–indeed, the only town on the Custer Battlefield, and where the tomb of the unknown soldier, and where the “largest Custer Manuscript Archive in the world…” is located, is for sale.

They are seeking the “most astute, discriminate buyer.”

Check out

The ad appeared in USA Today 3 Feb 2009.  I checked out the website and learned more about the Archives.  They were created by Custer’s widow who is an author of some stature in her own right.  Photographs, original letters, military documents, printed volumes, and much more.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  I am constantly amazed about the collections of historical and genealogical value that exist across this country–in private and public repositories and stashed away in private homes, restaurants, old city and county buildings, basements of museums.

PPS  I acquired two new collections while I was in St. George UT that started me thinking–I am collecting people’s original genealogy materials slowly as I discover them or as they discover me.  What quantity is being tossed out because they don’t know about me, yet.  HELP!  I need help from all of you to keep your eyes and ears open.  AE

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