Lincoln’s Day and Facebook

When I was growing up, my Dad was a Democrat–he was a Union man and paid union dues. He worked for the D&RG Railroad as a car inspector and later electrician. He attended meetings and parties and demonstrations. I was raised as a Democrat–because he took me with him to his meetings, etc.

Later on in life, I learned about the Lincoln Day Dinner. And I attended one or two by invitation of friends. Attendees were Republicans who made regular donations to the  GOP–Grand Old Party. Traditionally held on 12 February, Lincoln’s birthday, several venues have changed the 2021 date to coincide with Covid-19 restrictions.. In some locations the Day is called Lincoln-Reagan Day or even just Reagan Day.

President’s Day falls on the Monday nearest the 12 February date–this year 15 February is the official Holiday. Both Lincoln and Washington will be celebrated in those states that plan to acknowledge these Presidents. From the entries on the internet this year, not every state, nor every county will celebrate. So you may be on your own if you choose to have a patriotic event with your family and friends.

Birthdays are important in my family and we celebrate as a family on or near the actual dates. We sing Happy Birthday and eat ice  cream and other treats–chosen by the birthday person. We open presents and laugh a lot. I, personally celebrate special birthdays for loved ones and friends who have passed away–allowing me to remember them and realize what their impact on my life has been. My life would be different indeed without these celebrations!

So, expect me to mention birthdays in genealogy often and share my concentration on the kinds of records that allow us to identify ancestors and document their lives and relationships. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS My Facebook was hacked sometime ago and I am in the process of deleting the old site. What a convoluted process it is–evidently easy to hack; difficult to correct! If you wish to contact me, use my email:

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