The Genealogy Library Center, Inc.–a year-end Update

Work is underway again on the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. And we have received another 7 pallets of the Conner-Bishop Library assembled by Ruth Conner Bishop. This phase of the work will be to complete the new bathroom in the main library section, to repair two small leaks in the rubber/vinyl roof near the front, and prepare the walls for a final finish near the front of the building.

The Conner-Bishop Library is strong on late 19th and early 20th century city directories, newspapers, vital records, and other finding tools for Ohio residents. My own collection is sparse on Ohio, so these resources are very welcome.

Let me here remind you that on my website there are spreadsheets for a substantial part of the Conner-Bishop books. You can search by title, author, subject, surname, and place. Very interesting stuff in those collections.  The Ohio material is not yet available in a searchable list.

I am excited to get the front area so that I can sort collections and prepare them for cataloging and being put on shelves. The builder at work is also an expert at finishing stuff and I have great hopes that 2016 will be a fruitful year.

Watch this blog for an updated listing of the collections and book series that have come in in 2014-15. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

In Memoriam: Edward Bakly, a close family friend, passed away last week. He was in declining health when we visited him in July 2015. He and his wife Harriet celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 25 July–and we played Scrabble to help celebrate. What a wonderful time we had with everyone! And Ed will be sorely missed. When I needed help on my Genealogy Library Center, he brought his Harriet, his tools, his aged uncle whose care he was responsible for, and his skills. He came prepared to stay as long as he could be helpful. Good friends make life wonderful.

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