American Genealogist Held Prisoner by NEW Technology

I have a new internet server–more efficient than the last, a sharper image than the last, and evidently more complicated than the last to get hooked up.  And stay hooked up.  Every little breeze or snowflake interrupts me.

I have a new phone service–more efficient than the last, more reliable than the last, and less costly than the last.  Also more complicated than the last.  So bear with me while I learn what I need to know to make it work–consistently.

My new phone number–with voice mail:  435-579-1743.  You can leave me a message–and hopefully in a few days, barring interruption from New Year’s holiday–I will determine how to retrieve the messages.

What humble pie!  To have to admit that I am technologically challenged.  Still can’t program my VCR nor my microwave.  Am I a hopeless case? Cause? or Whatever?

My PO Box works very well  and you get instant response:  PO Box 129, Tremonton UT 84337-0129. 

And I can retrieve my email: or or and your get instant response.  Oh, wait a minute–that is when I am at the Family History Library or around another computer.

No.  I have not retired.  No.  I have not disappeared.  Just seems that way because I decided to become more efficient with a simpler system.  I’m just held prisoner by my NEW technical stuff. 

Please contact me by postal mail and email until I get educated.  Your favorite, though technically challenged, genealogist, Arlene Eakle.

PS  I am speaking in San Diego, Saturday 12 Jan 2008.  See my speaking schedule for the topics.  I have a new checklist for Vital Records which I will hand out at the seminar and a new publication on tracing the women on your pedigree which I will announce at this event.  You won’t want to miss it.  And you still have time to register:   http;//

I’m bringing my 1/2 ton pick-up truck full of books and new publications to sell.  I’m also bringing Afton Reintjes–remember that she is a Native American expert and her book will be available too.  She is also THE Tennessee expert–knows where all the bodies are buried and the evidence is stashed.

PPS  One of my topics at the Conference is Using Genealogy Evidence–I have not forgotten my kitchen and my promise to show you how to “read” maps, and photos, and illustrations, and objects.  Stay tuned.  AE


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