Greetings from the Colorado Family History Expo Blogger Bistro and Twitter Cafe

I  am an official Blogger for the Conference and I am having a great time!  One of the new things I have learned is how to tweet.

Why Twitter?

Most serious genealogists consider Twitter, the newest social networking gimmick, an inane, unimportant blimp on the computer screen.  It has the potential, however, to revolutionize your access to relatives. Wherever they live.

And the younger generations who use this tech as a matter of everyday life.  These younger generations will inherit the family Bible you need.  Or the letters written between immigrants and their American family members.  Or copies of the military discharge no one knows survived the fire.

And they can be anywhere in the world.

Pose a query on Twitter about your ancestor–focused, precise, and 140 characters long.  To begin with, you may not get responses.  Need more of you to put your hardest-to-find ancestors online.

You can find me on Twitter at arleneeakle.  I invite you to follow me today as I tell you about the conference.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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