A Working Genealogist…

I am a working genealogist, tracing other people’s lineages as well as my own. I have used each and every one of the research techniques and strategies that I recommend to you.  I have followed these steps and know that they work. With great success.

I often refer to ideas, articles, and books developed or written by many genealogy experts—some of them may even be my own. You see, I  believe it is the precision in genealogy work that is a major contribution to research success. It is following the correct steps that makes it possible to find the correct ancestor. And I believe that each researcher succeeds by building on the foundations laid by those who have gone before.

And as you, students and readers of my blogs, apply these strategies and follow these same steps, you will build on the work of these experts, including me, to reach new heights of success in tracing your own hard-to-find ancestors. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://arleneeakle.com 

PS Please watch my blogs for those references and research procedures that apply to your own genealogy. They can increase your accuracy as you apply them. 2017 is going to be the most amazing genealogy research year ever!

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