Earthquake Haiti and Your Genealogy

As I have watched and heard the devastation of Haiti. As I remembered that I, too, live on a major earthquake fault.

And as I considered the most important things I possess that need to be safe-guarded–my life (I now have an almost complete 72-hour kit in a bag with wheels that I can lift myself); my family (all have 72-hour kits more complete than mine–and heavier!); my own genealogy; the genealogy records, and photographs, and flash-drives sent to the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. for preservation and use–I took stock of the safe-guards now in place. And what is still needed.

This week it snowed and rained and froze and is still snowing in Tremonton UT. All these precious genealogy records–whether on cards, in print, on discs and flash-drives, in cases, or in large plastic tubs are snug and dry and safe.

I particularly viewed the positioning of the doorways at my Library–they are elevated a total of three feet above the street. The doors are inset from the sidewalk and enclosed. A flood could get in, if it were deep enough. There is a very deep, empty, and dirt-floored basement under the whole front half of the building–with air vents that could serve as a conduit to create a pool. (A pool under a library could be a problem, as well as a blessing. So I need to consider a pumping system to empty to the reservoir as needed and a system to dry the whole.)

The structure of the building we’ll have tested. Will it stay intact, standing, and secure? I’ll keep you posted.

Please examine your own situation. And give careful study to your genealogy records.

Remember in your mind’s eye, the terrible gap in burying the dead in mass graves with bulldozers!

No records were and probably cannot ever be made of who these dead are, nor who they belong to. What a genealogy nightmare!

Remember, the most we can hope for is the memory of the survivors.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Will I see you at the Family History Expo in Mesa AZ at the Mesa Convention Center downtown? The exhibit hall is free to anyone–I am in booth #1. I’d love to talk to you.

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