I told you I needed a goat…

Actually, I could use a herd of goats.  My lawn grew to more than 12 inches from the rain and sun and rain and sun and rain and…you know the drill.  It took me a whole two weeks just to mow the whole 1/4 acre once.  And then I started over.

Well, it has rained all Memorial Day weekend–so you can see the grass grow! The worms have crawled out onto the patio and the birds can feast with no effort.  Now if I could only teach them to mow…

So we have filled more than 28 bags of grass and my two large garbage cans each week–my self-propelled mower and I.  And I am becoming a mean, lean, gardening machine again.

For several days, I had to take time out to attend piano recitals, graduation exercises (even pre-school and kindergarten in Tremonton Utah have graduations), dance reviews, birthday parties, and visits to cemeteries where my loved ones repose.  So this next week, genealogy reports will occupy my whole time, that is not invested in mowing the grass.  Watch for the surname list to appear, next blog of the reports going out.  Some great stuff will be coming! 

And I wish you could visit my patio and gaze across the lawn to the flowering shrubs and lilac trees.  Such a restful, calm scene, safely away from the chaos of the economy and the new construction on our old high school.  The birds have taken up residence–doves that coo at me (and the crows have gone elsewhere), and robins that play under the rainbirds.

Hope your Spring has been renewing too.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle   http://www.arleneeakle.com

PS  We, as Americans, have coined several new words from the economy these last months:  sub-prime (which I have already written about in this blog), derivative, clawback,  and others.  Stay tuned, you will discover that these new words apply just as well to genealogy as they do to money.

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