Have Your Genealogy Cousins Written Your Genealogy?

Living Relatives (often unknown to you)

Begin an active campaign to find genealogy cousins, often unknown to you). Those who want to share what they know or have discovered about your common ancestors have already placed their data on personal and family websites, in genealogy forums, including photos and video clips. Some of the most important family documents are already scanned and awaiting your discovery. Other genealogy cousins are also interested in their family background—they just have not yet begun the search. Your influence can change that and probably unearth family documents that have yet to be shared in any format. The family Bible, a soldier’s personal record book, an exit document from Europe, an original passenger ticket for a packet ship, a portrait that hung over the mantle in the ancestor’s home–Check:

__Search Engines—http://google.com just add +genealogy to your query for compiled information. Leave the +genealogy to access day-to-day events in which your relatives are featured

__Other search engines. The feefhs website (Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies will alert you to sites in Europe that reveal similar details for overseas relatives. http://feefhs.org

__ http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/TeachingLib/Guides/Internet/SearchEngines.html table of recommended search engines on the internet with the strong points of each one. Click the link to What Makes a Search Engine Good?” by Joe Barker


__http://www.superpages.com for reverse phone numbers and addresses

__http://www.switchboard.com for current phone numbers and addresses

__Social Networkshttp://www.reunion.com/ The Reunion Network

__http://classmates.com high school contacts

__http://www.linkedin.com/ lost contacts and relationships from the past

__ http://www.zoominfo.com/ finding people and the companies they own or work for

__Birthday Databaseshttp://www.birthdaydatabase.com

__http://stevemorse.org/birthday/ Steve Morse’s birthday utility (includes Mickey Mouse and other fictional characters just for fun!)

__Obituarieshttp://www.legacy.com Check for living descendants, their relationships and current city of residence. Married names of daughters are also given

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene H. Eakle  http://www.arleneeakle.com

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