Unclaimed Veterans

The Wall Street Journal weekend edition, 14-15 January 2017 (pp. A 1, 9) carried an interesting article on a Seattle undertaker and Marine Corps veteran. He buries indigent veterans with military honors. He started with county backlogs of black plastic urns with the cremains of veterans that no one claimed for burial. He supplies polished brass urns with the soldier’s name engraved. Burial takes place in Tahoma National Cemetery with military honors and folded American flags. Each veteran receives thanks “on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation.”

The article told James Lindley’s story and his caring tributes to these veterans. What a touching account.

The next time you visit the cemetery where your family loved ones are buried, check out the military section where the markers stand in neat white rows across the green. Are there graves of forgotten soldiers who served their country waiting for someone to bury their remains? I have never given any thought to such a thing. King County, Washington has about 250 unclaimed people who have neither money nor family to claim them. And now I wonder if Box Elder County Utah has unclaimed veterans?

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PS From a very cold, very snowy section of Utah. Cheers!

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