Come to Yuma 17 Jan 2012…and Hear Me Reveal How to Prevent Stolen Identities in your Genealogy!!

At the Yuma Family History Expo, 17 Jane 2012–held at Hilton Garden Inn/Pivot Point Conference Center, 310 Madison, Yuma AZ 85364–you are registered already aren’t you?

If not, go to and register.

Once you register, you can access my handouts–and they are worth having.  See class list below.

HOWEVER, I am privileged to give the Keynote Address:  Your Family History Starts Here:  The Research Process. And there is no handout for this important session.  You will have to attend to hear how to start your Family History to be really successful in 2012.

You see, there is all this wonderful data now available for the first time easily–on the internet, in print, on CD’s and DVD’s, and available on tablets and smart phones.  New apps coming.  Every single day new apps are announced and demonstrated.

HOWEVER, if there is one Thomas Haslam, there are 17 and two of them  are so much alike they have already been mixed together more than once on pedigrees.  And they look like they have been cut out with the same cookie cutter.

If there is one Glen Haslam, there are four of them–within a few years of each other.  Three living in the same state at the same time–completely unknown to their relatives.  They too are already mixed together into one.

Hidden ancestors…

That’s what you create when you combine several separate distinct persons into the same identity.

Talk about stolen identities!

My keynote will reveal an amazing technique to find hidden ancestors in all of this newly available data.  But, you won’t learn this skill if you don’t attend.  And that would be awful.  Worse than awful in my opinion.

My research work consistently finds these hidden ancestors–when families have been looking for traces of them–some searched for more than 20 years.  And you can learn this important skill too.

2012 could be your big genealogy break-through year–just by learning one skill–just one skill makes an incredible difference between finding your hard-to-find ancestor and continuing to do the same things over and over again seeking him.

Think what bragging rights you will have on the genealogy forums when you describe how you found the hidden ancestors on your pedigree.

Come to the Yuma Family History Expo!  17 Jan 2012.  And be sure to attend the Keynote Address.

If you have questions afterward, come see me in the Exhibit Hall.  I love to talk with you.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  You get a syllabus with your registration–where are the handouts are included.  For the Yuma event.  And the Expo in Mesa 20-21 Jan 2012.  And the St. George Expo 24-25 Feb 2012.  All of the presentations–except the Keynote Address–are included for 3 events.  You don’t want to miss this gygamous reference book.  Be sure to register and come.

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