Global Warming as it Applies to Box Elder County (where I live)

11 Jan 1999, NASA declared it to be the warmest year on record–

Well, here we are on 11 Jan 2017 (or it will be when this blog is posted) and the forecast is 3 degrees (before wind chill because in Box Elder County the wind always blows)–with the road filled with at least 8 inches of water held in place by the snowbanks on either side of road. And all of the drains  frozen over and covered with 3-4 feet of snow!

Its really hard to think in terms of warming when you can almost see your breath inside–not just outside. Its hard to focus on typing or writing or thinking when its  impossible to wear enough layers to get all your parts warm at the same time.

So I watched President Obama pay tribute to his wife and daughters this evening as part of his last speech to the American people. And I was warmed.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Stay tuned. I spent the day preparing to tell you all why church records are important for American genealogy and family history research–if you don’t spend the time to find them, you will have some important gaps in your proof!

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