New Tricks from Old Dogs: A Mini-sode on the 1930 Census

Did you know…You can identify ethnic entries in the 1930 census indexed images at  On the search page fill in the surname, using the predominant spelling for that name, and the place of residence–state, county, town.  Click search.

The entries will appear in family format–father, mother, and all the kids in the order they appear in the census.

Next review the spelling variations at the end of the predominant spelling.  Watch for the places of birth that match your interest.  This will enable you to find related families with spelling alternatives.

Then review the places of birth for families from different places of residence.  These entries will lead you to related families in other parts of the country.

Families you have interviewed often know they have relatives in other towns and other states–they just can’t remember who.  You can find them by matching places of birth.

Try this genealogy research strategy also for locating kinship networks prior to making searches in foreign countries of origin.  The kin that surround your ancestor in America are often the same kin that surround your ancestor in his place of origin.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  When I have a problem getting into my blogs, I simply google my name.  The blogs come up first.  And since I use Google as my first log-on screen, this saves me time and it can save you time too.

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