Live from Family History Expos April Retreat

Live from Family History Expos April Retreat–at the Family History Library…

20 students, 5 staff and professional genealogists to guide them–and numerous breakthroughs early in the week

And one new baby girl with flaming red hair–the mark of Holly Hansens’s grandchildren. Usually one to a family, sometimes even 2.  Mom and baby resting after an all-night vigil!

What have I learned that I can share with you, gentle reader?

  1. Check out Digital Public Library of America launching 18 April 2013, with more than 150,000 books available on loan through your own computer or wireless device.  The major public and university libraries are racing to become a part  of this new digital network.
  2. The Wiki is being updated to include business records.
  3. The Catalog now includes small companies and corporations as authors–listed before individuals.  So if you want to find a water company and their records–check author under water/s

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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