Genealogy Comments and Questions–

Let me apologize for cancelling your ability to comment and my ability to answer right on this blog.  Internet spammers have determined how to post automatic comments on all of my blogs–resulting in more than 40,000 comments in less than 2 months on this blog alone.

There was no way for me to separate the legitimate comments from the spam–some of them were frightful, some of them contained no comment at all, just an email address.

So I miss your comments and questions triggered by the post of the day.  If you have burning questions, you can email me.  Please state your name in the subject line–so I can spot your questions–in case the spammers come back with an invasion of my email.  We have put some strong filters to prevent abuse.  But the possibility of money from an email is reason enough to try to mess up the system.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  I still travel each month to retreats, tours, conferences, expos, other genealogy events.  And your email has to await my return to my desktop to be answered.  So don’t panic.  I will answer your questions as nearly as I can.

PPS  And you can always engage my research services by phone, FAX, email, or postal mail.  Then you get the full focus of my research attention.

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