New England Historic Genealogical Society invites you…

to Use their New Online Marriage Genealogy Database:  35,000 Brides and Grooms of Early New England…

Sample entries–
LETELIER, Jan and Christina [Peters] 1665.
TILLEY, John (-1621) and Elizabeth COMYNGS (-1621).  Married 2 Feb 1605, St. Andrew Undershaft, London; Plymouth.
TILLINGHAST, John (1657-1690) and Isabel [SAYLES] (1658-), m/2 Robert HICKS 1690.  Married ca. 1678, Providence/Newport.

Based on Clarence Almon Torrey, New England Marriages, Prior to 1700.  “For any seventeenth-century research on immigrant origins, the first several generations here, or New England migrations south, the volume in hand is indispensable.”  Gary Boyd Roberts, (Introduction to the Genealogical Publishing Company edition, 1985. 1,009 pages.)

This database represents 99% of the married population of New England before 1700.  Each entry provides cumulative information from other sources with places of residence, birth and death dates, place of marriage, wife’s maiden name, relationships, and generations where known.  Torrey indexed 2,500 American genealogical works to make each entry as informative as possible.  (See “Clarence Almon Torrey, 1869-1962,” by Donald Lines Jacobus in the July 1962 issue of the The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, pp. 158-59.)

You can access this newly digitized database at
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