The Day Before…April

Today is the day before April.  And the whole United States is looking forward to April as a time of renewal–more so than other years we have experienced:

  1. A heavier-than-normal winter for us all.  I have one of the most glorious violet beds in the northwest corner of my large sideyard.  White, lavender, pale pink, and two shades of purple–one deep enough to be almost black.  When they are in bloom, the fragrance wafts through the whole neighborhood.  Not this Spring.  It is as if the whole patch mourns.  Very sad.  Because of all the flowers Nature gives us, violets and their sweet, wistful scent are my favorite.  Our extremely dry year  left no moisture in the ground for up to 24 inches!  And while I spent an obscene amount of money to water, my large trees took it all–and even that was not enough.
  2. Extreme uncertainty for businesses, banks, commercial enterprises, manufacturing (what little still remains) companies of all sizes, entrepreneurs.
  3. Extreme nervousness for lots of Americans, citizen and alien alike.
  4. 31 March 2014–the health care deadline or pay an escalating tax for non-participation.
  5. Possibility for a higher minimum wage–graduated to be sure.  Requiring higher prices for goods and services.  A higher standard of living…
  6. Larger classroom populations challenging a shrinking teacher p0ol (many without student and volunteer aids to help).

…just to name a few observations.  How about you? 

April is becoming the month for HOPE.  A better economy.  More Jobs.  Less expense.  More flowers and better looking trees.  As the world we know awakes from Winter.

Above all, the renewal of Spring that we see all around us, even if that world is struggling to recover.  And more daylight hours in which to accomplish something positive.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle–surrounded by a new world of books.  Books!  And microfilm! And microfiche! And periodicals–I am well on my way to acquiring complete runs of key research periodicals and newsletters!

PS  Watch for my summary of the work we have accomplished at the Genealogy Library Center, Inc.  And the uploading of newly-acquired book lists on my Home Page.  These accomplishments offset the uncertainties in Tremonton UT and bring great excitement!


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