Happy Memorial Day (traditional)

Traditional Memorial Day –30 May is always an important day for me–it is my husband’s birthday. And we usually celebrated at home–for a very short celebration–because he was a dairy farmer and first crop hay was being harvested. Utah weather was likely to be cloudy with sure chance of showers. If the hay was on the ground, it rained. So traditional day celebration it is. With birthday cake and all.

This year, it is also the burial day of a good genealogy friend–Sue McKean Williams Morgan. You may recall the work she and her husband Kendall did on John Wayne and his family background. John Wayne was born Marion Morrison and they traveled across the country for documents and pictures of his life. With sorrow for her loss, and comfort that her suffering is over, I celebrate her life today too.

How glad I am that we can celebrate the lives of those we love without seeking permission to do so. Or fearing that we might offend someone with our celebrations. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle http://arleneeakle.com

PS Tune in next time for my reporting schedule on research client work. Been working diligently to get reports ready for shipment. Will have the list available shortly.


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