Life in Tremonton UT…After the County Fair is over–

Life after the Fair is an interesting proposition–I used to submit home canning and other home projects to the Fair.  Seems the produce that I can each year is not fully ready until after the Fair has come and gone.  Since we enter new projects, not those of last year–which are supposed to be eaten or all used up–the whole process is not logical.  And our County Fair comes the third full week, sometimes the fourth week of August.  What if.. it were like other Utah counties where the Fair is the first week of August?

Well, we did 24 pints of Salsa (medium heat), 9 pints of Sweet Bread and Butter pickles, 9 pints of Hot Bread and Butter Pickles, 19 quarts of Dill Pickles, 8 quarts of Ice Water Sweet and Sour pickles.  The tomatoes are ripening on the patio.  And none of it for the Fair–all too late to be entered.  Did you know that pickles, according to Dr. Oz, are good for you?

And the ripened cantaloupes are waiting patiently to become jam from my own, personal recipe.  Again, too late to be entered in the Fair.

And consider our Fair Parade–thousands of people set up their “spot” on the parade route days ahead to capture the shady and grassy spots.  What other county would people prepare so far ahead to watch vehicles full of children and teens turning cart wheels and bouncing on tramps and waving–or just riding along the sides of semi-flatbeds?  Followed by endless groups of costumed dancers under the age of 20?  The 2013 Parade included two queen floats–Miss Bear River Valley (with my granddaughter as 1st Attendant) and Miss Peach Days.  Wheat and Beet Days (also held in our County) was not represented.  And one float with the Golden Spike theme from the County.  One band, one horse unit, and innumerable vehicles of all sizes, including all the latest and biggest tractor models from four manufacturers.

The thousands of kids who line the curb of the parade route have large plastic bags and baskets to catch the millions of pieces of candy that are thrown by all the merchants in town.  Every store in Tremonton closes down–the whole town shows up at the Parade.

It is one of our favorite events of the year.  Very strange–vehicles full of kids and candy, candy, candy!

School is now in session.  The Foreign Exchange  students have left for Europe.  The nights are cooler and the spiders–smaller than normal–are seeking a safe home for the winter.  Small town life in Tremonton UT is alive and well.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  What is your life like After the Fair is over?

PPS  The cracked ribs are much better–I can mow my lawn and do my housework.  Sitting for long periods is still a problem and I can’t sneeze or lift boxes yet.

PPSS  In the meantime, Behold Me Busy–I am getting ready to ship inventory ordered,  and research reports completed, and preparing for the Mid-West Family History Expo in Kearney NE.  Are you coming?  I am speaking 5 times–count them–5 times:  New York Research (2 hours); Basic Sources, 1775-1815; American Migration Patterns; Using Land Records.  Love to have you come and get the benefit of my knowledge and experience in American genealogy research.  Go to to register.  Once you register–you can download my handouts–the New York handouts have lots of new stuff!


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