The United States of America, a Sovereign Nation

Today is the anniversary of the Ratification of the Treaty ‘that ended the American Revolutionary War–14 January 1784. After a long and arduous struggle against the Mother County, our fledgling country was officially, on paper at least, recognized as a sovereign entity. The British withdrew their troops, their equipment, and their allies. And waited…

It would take another war, albeit shorter and less expensive in men and money, to become sovereign in reality in the eyes of British officials.

Why should we celebrate the 14th of January? Because the vision and ultimate sacrifice of those who fought laid the groundwork for patriotism in America. The Founding Fathers are looked to, even today, for that vision. Few recall the ultimate sacrifice paid by loved ones of the past except those who descend from those soldiers. And, we all need a little patriotism today. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Family History Expos has just announced their April Retreat on “Taking another look at the Census and its Evidence.” A full 16 classes so that we can all find new evidence in old sources that we sometimes take for granted.

We pop into and out of online databases totally oblivious to the genealogy proof this consistent resource provides for us: consistent in coverage, consistent in dates, consistent in residences (Did you know that your ancestor may be found living on the same street in the same house, with the same family members over time–and be recorded every ten years and sometimes every five years?), consistent in format. And, even consistent in codes and markings used by census officials in their attempts to evaluate the data and provide us with services.

Little did those officials know that years later, genealogists, like you and I, would comb those records for proof of our ancestry. No other country in the world did the census to equal what we have available in America!

Please accept this invitation to attend the April Retreat 8-13 April 2019 either in person at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City Utah (the weather in April is magnificent in SLC); or, online ( from wherever you reside because all sessions of instruction will be broadcast. The advantage to attending is access to a whole team of research experts: Ruby Coleman from Nebraska, Arlene Eakle from Tremonton Utah, Holly Hansen from Croyden Utah, and James Tanner, newly returned from scanning original documents at the State Archives of Maryland. Our team would love to take you by the hand and lead you to proof of your ancestors that you have never had access to before.

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