Another access to the United States Census: 1790-1940

MyHeritage, the company that posted the entire 1940 census online first has announced their new online US Census complete, 1790-1940.  Indexes are free, images cost credits or a full membership.  The censuses will also be available on World Vital Records, Family Link, and Geni–other sites that are part of the MyHeritage family.


Why do we need another version of the census online?  If all indexes were equal and accurate, one would probably do.  However, each indexer reads names and places differently–based in part on experience and in part on training.  So having alternatives available helps to ensure that we don’t miss completely the very entry we seek.

MyHeritage also matches what you find in the census with other images within its databases and with images from other sites on the internet.  This very cool application allows you to find other pieces of your genealogy puzzle without the time and effort of searching and searching.

And a new bonus price is now available–representing a substantial discount from the current membership.  If you budget carefully your genealogy expenses this year you can subscribe to several services and companies giving your ancestors the very best of online access. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Now we want as good an encore with other needed records–passenger lists, immigration/emigration resources, including petitions to leave local areas and travel abroad.

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