Next Verse…in Arlene’s computer loss saga

Or, a Tale of Two Processors–

The Good News:  all files saved.  With multiple copies stored in separate places, states apart.

The Bad News:  both processors too old to load current software and restore my Outlook email.

Not to worry… email files and addresses all saved  by Kathryn–you know her.  Although there may be viruses tucked away inside.  Just can’t send email to my research clients from the files I already had established–with folders and status and convenient short-cuts.  Actually, can’t send emails at all–I don’t know how to access open emails on the internet.

Not to worry…a new computer system is in the offing, with current software to restore Outlook.  Just have to find time to go shopping.

So please be patient for another couple of weeks.  In the meantime I am working at the Family History Library almost every day, all day.  And I will be doing research everyday, in the evening during the Family History Expos Research Retreat.  And we will stop for research on the way to and from the Atlanta Family History Expo to be held in Duluth GA, the second weekend of November.  (You should be registered to attend that event–I’m speaking on two topics I don’t get much chance to do–just for the Atlanta audience–and on the test version of Pedigree Ladies, which will become the first in a series of GenTeacher products to be launched in 2012 by Family History Expos.  Go to to register for either event.  You won’t want to miss them and MOI.  ME.  Right?)

And in the meantime, I have my laptop for research and access to the internet and to my in-coming email.

WHEW–now you know the perils of limited computer knowledge in the hands of an unparalled-expert in genealogy research–MOI.  ME.

Stay tuned for the next verse in this sad saga.  Who knows , the next verse could be really exciting!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  But from a foreign computer, Word Press has locked me out of posting anything on my other blogs.  And  I have great new stuff for Tennessee

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