Live from Sheridan Wyoming and the Family History Expos on the Colorado Circuit!

Close your eyes and imagine a painter’s palette with shades of green–South Dakota, where we held the Rapid City event, and here in Sheridan are so green it looks as if they have been painted with a brush.  Raining daily.  The prairie grasses are washed bright green.

The Research Process in its several parts is the focus of this circuit of Expos.  And each session is being taught by a select handful of presenters:  Holly Hansen, Leland Meitzler, Ruby Coleman, Donna Potter Phillips, Marlo Schuldt, Ken Aubuschon, Tom Underhill, Billy Edgington, and Arlene Eakle.

You can learn the tech to trace your roots by attending the last two events on the circuit–Sheridan at the Holiday Inn or Loveland Colorado at Embassy Suites on I-25.  Or by ordering the syllabus.  As I do.

Holly asked me what I do with the syllabus in print, which I always buy–“I read it.”  “Cover to cover, I read it.”  I am trying hard to learn new  techniques that work as well as the technology available to trace hard-to-find ancestors. At an EXPO, the experts who want to share how to do it better and faster and with greater accuracy.

And this circuit has been a great deal of fun–we visited Wall Drug and its great western bookstore.  Mount Rushmore with its four greatest Presidents.  Chief  CrazyHorse monument and North American Indian Museum with Indian artisans in residence making and selling their handiwork.

Why not join us? On this circuit, or other circuits to come?  See for schedules.  You,too, can learn the tech!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Stay tuned.  I’ll share some of the learnings that make genealogy so exciting.


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