Native American Ancestors in the Eastern United States

Native American Ancestors in the Eastern United States
c2008, Arlene H. Eakle and Linda E. Brinkerhoff
We have just finished revising this publication–and we are very excited about the new materials that are included in this 2008 edition. The Table of Contents is reproduced here for your review. If you order this book by 30 Sep 2008, you will get your copy at a 10% discount. See below for number of pages and cost.

The focus of this publication is 1) The surnames which your Native American ancestors carry and the tribes those surnames belong to. And 2) Where the tribes were physically located and where they moved to–so you can determine where your Indian tradition can be documented.

Table of Contents:
Eastern Indian Tribes
Map: Probable Locations of Indian Tribes of Eastern
North America Before White Settlement
Table 1: North American Indian Tribes, Nita Neblock
Map: Indian Trails in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
Map: The Six Nations in New York at the Beginning
Of the American Revolution
Map: The Limits of the Iroquois
Map: The Frontier of New York in the Revolution
Map: Country of the Five Nations
Marriage and Divorce Customs
Mixed Bloods
Influence of the Fur Trade
The Pequot War, 1636-37
Map: Expeditions Against the Pequot
Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-54
King Philip’s War, 1675-76
Map: King Philip’s War
Indians Interned on Deer Island
“List of Ye People Kiled and Destroyed”
King William’s War, 1689-97
Leister’s Rebellion, 1689-90
Boston Insurgence, 1689-91
Queen Anne’s War, 1701-15
Tuscarora War, 1711-13
Dummer’s War, 1722-25
War of Jenkin’s Ear, 1739-42
King George’s War, 1744-48
French and Indian War, 1754-63
Pontiac’s Uprising, 1763-64
Bibliography of Sullivan’s Expedition
Map: Sullivan’s Expedition, 1779
History of Luzerne County PA
Connecticut Settlers
Wyoming Valley Massacre
Sullivan Expedition
Map: Inhabited Area of United States, 1790
Map: Location of Indian Tribes, 1790
Map: Location of Indian Tribes of the Northwest
Indian Reservations
Modern History and Present Distribution of North
American Indians
Table 2: Tribes Occupying Reservations, 1884
Map: Line of the Western Military Frontier, June 1845
Map: Locations of Mixed-Blood Populations
Massasoit’s Genealogy
Melinda Mitchell
Charlotte L. Mitchell
Map: Connecticut, 1630
History of Montville CT and the Names of Indians, 1640-1896
Map: Southern New England Culture Areas:
Location of Indian Tribes
Indians at the Funeral of Ben Uncas, 1749
List of Mohegan Tribes, 5 Aug 1782
Home of Samson Occom
Genealogy How-To Books: Native American Ancestry

Nita Neblock of Independence Missouri and American
Family Records Association (AFRA) for permission
To reprint her chart, “North American Indian Tribes,”
Records Today 15 (Jan 1994): 15-19.
Yale University, 1922.

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PS Remember: 20% pf Americans have Indian ancestry! And documenting an Eastern Indian ancestor is especially difficult without this volume!

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