Live from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City…

…where we are into our final day of Family History Expos Scandinavian Research Retreat under the watchful eye and attention of Ruth Maness.  Each student has made great progress reading Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.  And they are feverishly photocopying actual documents in the original language with one, two, or even three, and four new generations linked and proven.

Retreat sessions have been recorded and will be available to attendees online, along with a 94 page syllabus.  And a new edition of Heritage Collector software to organize and store their new findings.

I taught the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) class at the beginning of the week, so students could work effectively and efficiently in the Library collections.

James Tanner showed us how to follow the major genealogy databases online, comparing their contents and using their documents to prove ancestral links.  He announced that has made an agreement with the Danish government to digitize the remainder of their genealogy-oriented records so they could be made available online without delay.

What is different about a Family History Expos Research Retreat?

As I watched the genealogists in attendance this past week, these are my conclusions:

  1. Students worked on their own ancestors under the seasoned eyes of skilled and experienced professional genealogists.  Persons who read the original languages of the records themselves.  Persons who are knowledgeable in the culture and patterns of the records and their contents.
  2. First, they learned about the records, and practiced reading examples of the records in the classroom.  Then they went to the Library, found the records that applied to their own ancestors, and prepared charts as they researched–again under the watchful eyes of the professionals.  Going from the practicum directly to the original records–using the indexes and finding aids available at the Library to speed-up the work.
  3. No student had to wander around seeking help in frustration, intimidated by the very size and ambiance of this incredible, 5-story Library and its collections–

The Retreat brings its own experts to take you by the hand and lead you to your ancestors!  The Retreat brings its own language experts to help you read the records correctly.

Why not join us for one or more genealogy research Retreats this year?

During 2015, their are 11 more choices–one each month.  With professional search guidance and language experts to cater to the specific needs of your own ancestry.  And you get me, moi– my experience and skill as part of the package.  Your favorite genealogy evidence guru, Arlene Eakle.

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