Live at the April 2010 Research Retreat, Family History Library, Salt Lake City

Family History Expos sponsors two Research Retreats–one in April now in session until Saturday evening and one in October..  We usually spend Halloween together at the Family History Library.  The October Retreat runs 25 October – 30 October (we miss Halloween, so we celebrate on the 30th!)

And remember–when you register for the Retreat, you get me, and Jimmy Parker, and Judy Wight, and Christine Sharbough, and Janie Anderson, and Holly Hansen herself–to lead you by the hand through the wealth of records at the Family History Library.  By the time the week is up, each person has extended lineages, qualified for another DAR bar, identified their Native American link, and crossed the ocean with their immigrant ancestor.  True story.  Every Retreat!

Stay tuned for a session on this blog which will help you track marriages in South Carolina.  Finding a marriage to document your Southern Ancestors and identify the maiden surnames for the ladies on your pedigree is one of the most difficult of research challenges.  South Carolina is better than most southern states, with  a number of marriage compilations now available.  Marriages were not routinely recorded at the county or city level for many years.  So your search strategy will be printed versions and indexes first, then seeking the original entries in court and property records, legal notices, and announcements in newspapers.

Talk to you later–gotta go!  Your favorite genealogy evidence guru, Arlene Eakle

PS  Have I got some great stuff to share with you each and every blog!  Stay tuned!

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