In Memoriam…

The Fawson Family Organization, a Utah family organization of long history, has lost two outstanding members: Gary Fawson, President and Carol White, Genealogist. I would like to express my sorrow for the loss of these two remarkable persons.

People elected to the office of President in a family organization are often those willing to serve. Not necessarily those who have knowledge or training in family affairs and especially, family history and genealogy training. Gary stepped in quickly and willingly although his health was in question at the time. He kept everyone together and functioning–very important for local and volunteer non-profit organizations.

Family organizations often stay in existence on tradition and family obligation. Many have died along the way, leaving their family members to fend for themselves or just to stop meeting. When this happens, the younger generations lose out–no formal recognition of their relationships or descent in the family. And, they  lose personal and in-person contact with their cousins. The Fawson Family Organization will find a new President and continue on with family reunions and genealogy activities, inviting all members to share in the fun!.

Carol White spent many hours each month tracing and sharing the Fawson family genealogy and family history. Her husband and son aided her efforts by supporting a  family website which included the Fawson descendants and ancestors as well as other families, freely shared with relatives of all kinds. Her research work was carefully documented with sources and images. You could depend upon her best efforts to get the family genealogy right. She will be missed by the other members of the Genealogy Committee. Her legacy, however, is available for them to build upon.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS I learned some valuable lessons in documentation from Carol and I will miss her dedicated work.

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