An invitation from Arlene Eakle…

I invite you to enter my website,, for your own interest and education. Stay as long as my content is useful to you. Leave whenever you wish. There are no cookies. No personalizing or calling you by name. No demand for you to identify who you are or what your motivation is for stopping by. If you wish, you can be anonymous.

This is a genealogy education site. My content will make you more accurate, more perceptive, more qualified to trace your ancestors or to show others how to do it. And if you want to share my stuff with others, please acknowledge me and my website as your source. I write my own blogs and they reflect my approach to research. They also demonstrate my desire to enable your efforts for a more accurate and complete pedigree.

I invite you to chat with me personally by email– My email is mine–I read it and I answer it. If I am traveling to do field research, I leave my email at home. So there may be some delay in getting an answer. I will reply when I get home.

On occasion, I will ask permission to share what you tell me with my readers. And if I promise to send you something, I usually ask for a postal address–lots of pages are easier for me to send by post rather than email. Computer skills are still being learned–I take lessons every Monday morning for two hours.

My research business has searched for ancestors for more than 600 clients, for whom I have done the research myself. And for almost 400 clients  who wanted to do the searches  with my help. More and more I discover that current client requests include overlap with that research and I have the opportunity to share what I have found before. Most of my clients have given me permission to share their work with anyone else who has the same ancestors.

And my non-profit Genealogy Library Center, Inc. includes numerous research files compiled by other genealogists who have donated their files to me to share with others. What I lack is a full list of the surnames and locations where this vast body of research applies. I’m working on this list–which will be posted on my website for you to access.

So I recommend that you stay tuned on a regular basis as new stuff is added to my website. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle


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