Collections Deposited in the Genealogy Library Center, Inc.

Since May of 2008, many collections have been deposited in the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. for preservation and eventual public access.  It is time to update my list of records.

I use these collections, all the time, to find ancestors for my clients.  And I am amazed at the contents these collections afford me.  Watch my KY Blog for examples of the Kentucky state-wide census card index sent to me.  Entries not found in other indexes that change lineages!

During the height of the winter months in Tremonton UT, there is much snow and ice–especially on the nearby mountain roads.  So volunteers who come to process these materials take a vacation.  I also travel alot during these months, speaking at conferences and seminars and doing field research in libraries, archives, and local cemeteries.

We’ll be back at work during the summer.  In the air-conditioning!  Now go figure!  At least the roads and sidewalks will be clear of ice.

Additions to Manuscripts:  Family Research Notes and Files.

Verna Erickson Collection.  Haworth Family, 1598 to the Present. 1995.   With Allen, Andrews, Barnes, Belfield, Boynton, Clary, Cornell, Johnson, Lindley, and Ralph families.

Carolyn Hutchison Brown Collection.  6 boxes of family files, gedcom of 30+ years of research on Hutchison (with Walker, Wood, Creasy, Dowdy families); Boatfield; Bullifant, Spraggins, Martin families (with Wellington and Turner); Winn, Smithkamp, Clayton, Nay families.  And copies of her published volumes on Boatfield (2001), Bullifants of Virginia (2002), Spraggins of Virginia (2001),  Wellington and Turner (2001).

Dorothy Horvath Collection.  2 boxes including Bogan, Cook, Farrer, Hearn, Kidd, Latham, Layton, Mercado, Wallace, Wheeler, Williams families.

Rhonda Jones Collection.  3 Binders, collection of several hundred family group sheets, photographs.  Arabie, Ayo, Dominique, Dufrenes, Matherne, Pontiff, Vina families.  France to Louisiana.

Barbara Wall Sherratt Collection.  Bedford, Burch, Hoke, McCallum, Reynolds, Stevens families.

Michelle S. Badger Collection. Not yet processed. Topographic and historical maps, 6 boxes of research files for TN, NC, VA, and MO. Surname list will be added later.  Includes Original Proclamation, 8 June 1942, 4th Army to WA, OR, CA, AZ regarding Japanese to report to US Government or face immediate internment.  Now framed.

Jeremiah Smith Family Foundation.  Jonathan Smith Family files from Lorenzo Olson. This is a huge addition to the Jeremiah Smith Collection. Primarily New York and Michigan.  Not yet processed.

Helene B. Ault Collection.  Spedden family of  Maryland, research files and notes.  7 large binders, and 2 bundles of papers.  Includes Bromwell, Broughton, Forster, Hughes, Little, Moore, Peers, Oswald, and Summers families.

Jean Smith Collection.  Being processed.  More details to come.

Afton E. Reintjes Collection.  Addition to collections already received.  Research files for Southern families. Being processed.  More details and surname list to come.

Additions to Books:

Posterity of Jacob and Mary (Funk) Driver, 1800-1996. Clerice Fisher, 1996.

That They Live:  Burden, Clark, Fuller, Howard, Jolly, Morrow, Pippen, Riley, Smalley, Spradlin, Tilton, Williams. 1981.  Donated by Geraldine S. Kelly.

Personal Journal of Gerard Bingham VanZeben, 1928.  Of  Amsterdam Holland.  9 handwritten pages. Donated by MariKaye Leavitt.

One Lifetime is Not Enough. Patrick Kelly.  2nd ed. 2002.  Donated by Gloria Heitsman and Joe Farrell.

Doris Cline Ward Collection.  Family histories and genealogies written by her:  Russell, Davis, Miller, Suitor, Kendall, Cline.

Wilma Adkins Collection.  US Census indexes, resource notebooks including Kentucky, Book Collection of Rowene Obert, professional genealogist;  family histories including Stidham, McClintock, Belding (with original photographs pasted in).

Horst Reschke Collection.  German reference works.   Nations of the World:  Turkey, Germany (4 vols.), Eqypt.  Periodical runs.

Detailed surname lists for these collections and those received previously are being compiled.  These names will be posted later.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  My new laptop is a challenge for me.  Since I don’t use it every day, keeping the virus protection active and the battery charged requires notes to myself.  I intend to master it, with the help of Kathryn my webmaster.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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