Snow, Snow, Snow–Everywhere Snow!

Snow, Snow, Snow–everywhere you look.  And more predicted for today.

A crew is clearing the snow from the roof of our Genealogy Library Center to prevent any more damage.  The roof on the back of the building slipped down 2 feet under the weight of the snow–ripping three gas lines from their moorings up the side of the building  cracking the pipe.  Fire crews turned off the gas which began to blow through the city of Tremonton UT in the early morning hours.  No explosions.

Once the snow is cleared, the work of repairing the gas lines will begin–moving them to a more secure location on the top of the building.  And replacing the cracked pipes with new flexible ones.  Then the gas can be restored and the electricity turned on again in the building.

So a near disaster has been averted.

My New Year’s Resolution still holds and I have spent several hours every other day working on my computer–enhancing the things I know how to do.  And learning how to do much more.

However–research reports will be delayed until the electricity and heat are restored.  That Library of mine is bone-chilling cold since the utilities were turned off.

The Genealogy Library Center is where all the copies are made and the reports completed for shipping to clients.  We keep a full copy of each report–as a security device in case anything happens in shipping or in the future.  And the information so carefully collected and evaluated is preserved for others to benefit from.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  My new speaking and research trip schedule is about ready to post on my website–keep watch.  If you are anywhere nearby, you could attend the conference or expo–I am presenting new topics and updated information on topics I have not addressed for years.  With new checklists and research references online and offline.  I’d love to meet with you and give you an extra boost with ancestors who are still hard-to-find.


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