A major shift in genealogy content…

There appears to be a major shift in genealogy content in periodicals–quarterlies and journals published by genealogical societies.  If you start on page one of volume one, as I often do, you will discover family Bibles, marriages from the county courthouse, will abstracts, cemetery readings, and genealogies compiled by members.

Many of these societies have been publishing genealogy content for 20-25 years.  Family Bibles are still standard fare–drawing on families that are less prominent or may have resided just over the border in another county.   Editors and writers have completed the marriages.  Finished the will abstracts.  And even transcribed the deeds.

Now they are combing the newspapers for genealogy content–and not just for vital records.  Obituaries are reproduced in full.  Death notices and marriage announcements from local papers are printed in full–sometimes in facsimile.  Parties for young people and family and business reunions are transcribed.  Local papers and newspapers that circulated statewide are included.  And they are indexed, with every name retrievable, in annual indexes–sometimes issue indexes.

Through such websites as http://www.GenealogyBank.com and Illya Daddezio’s http://www.GenealogyToday.com you can access the actual newspapers online.  The Family History Library has microfilmed US newspapers in libraries and archives across the country and you can borrow the microfilms on loan through your nearest family history center.   It will take a while before we truly have a newspaper archive because this source  is vast. 

And reading papers takes a great deal of time.  Determining what newspapers circulated near the places your ancestors lived is also time-consuming.  What the editors and article writers for genealogy periodicals are now providing  will save you countless hours.  And, at the same time, allow less known ancestors to share their lives and stories with you–often for the first time.  

Break your losing streak!  Read the periodicals!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle    http://arleneeakle.com

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