American Genealogist Still Held Prisoner by NEW Technology

Help! I’m still Held Prisoner by NEW Technology

My email and access to the internet died about Thanksgiving. I limped along for several days, restarting my computer and re-entering the data. Try as we did to stay connected, I just got error messages and none of my email arrived!  Every little breeze or snowflake or update seemed to interrupt me.

We ran corrective programs and queried persons more expert than I. Even my technology troubleshooter grandson who breaks hackers for a living said, “I think you need a new machine.” Still can’t access the internet.

I have a new phone service–more efficient than the last, more reliable than the last, and less costly than the last.  Also more complicated than the last.  So bear with me while I learn what I need to know to make it work–consistently.

My phone number–with voice mail:  435-257-6649.  Although I am not at home every day—working at the Family History Library some 80 miles from home—one way–You can leave me a message, and hopefully barring interruption from the New Year and extra traffic, I will determine quickly, how to retrieve the messages.

What humble pie!  To have to admit that I am still technologically challenged.  Still can’t program my DVD player nor my HD.  Am I a hopeless case? Cause? or Whatever?

I take computer lessons every Monday for two hours. And a computer class Tuesday mornings for 1 and 1/2 hours. Every time I get an instruction manual—the updates on my system add new challenges. Still I am determined to continue learning how to use computer technology to do my work better and more effectively. And make it easier for you to contact me if you have questions.

My PO Box works very well…

And you get quick response…  PO Box 129, Tremonton UT 84337-0129.  I pick up my mail most every day—on the way to the Library.  I discontinued mail delivery because I still travel to speak and to do field research.  More efficient to have the post office system keep my mail until I get home.

Very soon, I will have my email restored—on January 24th my webmaster, Kathryn Bassett will deliver my new computer and my email will be restored:  Then you will get quick response to emails sent over the last weeks.

Oh, wait a minute–until then, when I am at the Family History Library or around another computer I will post on this blog important updates.

Research continues on difficult family lines. You know, what might seem like an easy task often turns out to be more complicated that at first appears. Results depend upon the sources available. And while I use the vast resources of FamilySearch and its incredible record collection—the Library does not have everything available. And if the record has not been microfilmed or transcribed or digitized, field research may be needed to locate and access that information.

No.  I have not retired.  No.  I have not disappeared.  Just seems that way because I decided to become more efficient with a simpler system.  I’m just held prisoner by my NEW technology.

Please contact me by postal mail until 24th January. And then by email (or postal Mail)  until I get educated.  Your favorite, though technically challenged, genealogist, Arlene Eakle. 

PS  In the meantime, read my blogs.  Mostly precise genealogical content to help you research yourself with greater success!

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