Arlene Eakle is still in Business!

Although, if you asked Google to do a search for The Genealogical Institute  you got the bad news that the Daryl Building was destroyed by fire. Google was right–the Daryl Building was destroyed by fire. That building adjoined The Genealogical Institute, they were/are two separate and distinct buildings.

Google has made the correction. The picture includes our building and an empty lot on the left side. But, I was contacted by clients and friends in a panic that wondered if I was gone too. Not so.

My intent has been to blog regularly through the summer. Autumn has arrived with cooler temperatures and changing foliage, mixed in with fl0ooding rain showers–only at night! Keeping me on my toes and wearing my strength out before I could follow-up here.

My strength grows each day. And so does my knowledge–I have read and re-read so many books that I can’t list them all. What an experience I have had. The Pandemic created an unasked for opportunity to re-visit “brick walls” on a number of family history and genealogy projects–with new possibilities  which I can share with you as the Winter looms. So please stay tuned.

And I am getting the training on my new computer/printer system. In preparation for this training, I discovered that most of my publications are not yet digital–so updates and work must be done on them before they can be delivered efficiently. We all benefit as I complete this undertaking. Recall that I have 90 titles. And that many of them have handouts with additional information and numerous examples. Along with Power-Point presentations and images.

Oops! This update is becoming a “behold me busy” list. Oh well, at least you know that I am still working my way through the genealogy–yours and mine. Watch my blog for information on finished projects and reports that will be coming your way. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Take your vitamins–Covid now has over 204 variants. Vaccines alone are not enough.


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