Live from the Southern California Jamboree 2018

My password works on my webmaster’s computer! Go figure…

This is a very busy exhibit hall–with several booths on DNA and most of the current companies represented here. Lots of interest in DNA and competition on the lowest prices for kits. The more who get tested the better chance you will have to make matches that will open doors for you  in your research.

The exciting part of the conference for me is to see all the many people that I have taught, worked for in tracing ancestors, and known for years. All except Nancy Carlburg who is ill and in the hospital for several days.

I used to purchase, and still do, the latest genealogy books so that I could study them in detail and share what I learned with others. Especially referencing the new information in my lectures and in my writings. The Jamboree is a special conference.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Stay tuned–I just returned from a three-week research trip to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Maryland, and North Carolina. I wanted to beat the hurricane season and now North Carolina is under water where I visited.

PPS If my passwords work now with all of the computer updates, I will be able to catch up with my blogs. I have missed writing–have so much to share. And I have a new book on Kentucky!

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