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Last year I posted my genealogy research work, by surname–work that I had finished, reports ready to ship, and research still being worked on–on this blog.  Several readers who are also clients, asked me to continue doing it.  So by popular request, below are the lists. In 2o10, I made several research field trips, all of them–but one–were very successful!  With substantial breakthroughs for several difficult-to-find ancestors. 

The one trip that failed was at the end of July when I had to turn back because floodwaters inundated Nashville TN and closed more than 300 roads in Kentucky.  The main culprit was the Cumberland River.  This river and its tributaries flow through both states.  And even with all the flood control built on that river system, Nature got the best of us.  And for the very first time in my genealogy career, I could not get into either state.  The Highway Departments told me to stay out!

Genealogy Research Completed and Ready to Report:

  1. Bailey–LA, NY
  2. Carder–VA, OH
  3. Coffinberry, Lewis–VA, WV, PA
  4. Cress/Grass–KY, PA
  5. Finch–NY
  6. Foster–NY, RI, MA
  7. Hall–VA, GA
  8. McMulkins, Miliken–NY
  9. Mullins–TN, VA
  10. Ruddell–KY, VA
  11. Shumate, Tolliver–AL, SC
  12. Stephenson, Bates–TN, KY, VA
  13. Wills–KY, PA

Genealogy Research Still Being Worked On:

  1. Day–KY, VA
  2. Davis, Lockwood–NY
  3. Forbes–NY
  4. Hartford, Lockwood–NY, CT, MA
  5. Larsen, Stanger–Immigrants to US
  6. Pierce, Pearse–VA
  7. Wilcox–NY, New England
  8. Woodard–NY

Note:  If your surname is not listed here, research is underway.  Watch the next posting on this blog for status.  Remember that I group research surnames for research in similar record categories and databases.  You get more research for your investment.  And I can work more effectively to track hard-to-find ancestors.  Notice that #2 and #4, in the”still being worked on”  list, both have the surname Lockwood in NY.  These can be researched together saving both of them money and research time.  If there is a relationship between the two, I will catch it.

My written reports are sent by email, just ahead of the raw data from which the report is drafted.  This way you know that your report is on its way and what to look for that is significant in the data.  You can request an audio tape of the report if you wish.  I talk you through the data and my conclusions.  Working this way allows the data to dictate the conclusions.  And sometimes the data render surprises–the ancestor supposed to fit on the pedigree is displaced by someone else!  Where this happens, I document the new ancestor or outline searches that will document the connection.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  My next speaking gig is the Arizona Family History EXPO, January 2011.  One of my topics is American Copngressional Records–very important topic.  And I am quit excited about it.  I will show you how to go deeper and deeper into websites to find the names of actual ancestors just waiting to be plucked from the records and placed on your family charts.  Check my Home Page–Speaking Schedule for dates and registration link.

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