Genealogy Library Center, Inc.–Update on Building and Contents…

…The Genealogy Library Center, Inc. contains more than 100,000 books, maps, microfilm reels, microfiche cards, historical artifacts, photographs (including negatives), and original genealogy research collections donated by genealogists who want to preserve their research work for the benefit of others who share the same ancestry. The majority of items in this one-of-a-kind genealogy and family history collection are still boxed and stored on shrink-wrapped pallets. Some boxes are covered with drape cloths and tarps awaiting shelving. Only a small number of books have been put onto book shelves for research.

The Good News: According to personnel of the water and smoke restorers,  preservation of this large collection has a better chance of  removing smoke from the fire and damp from all the water poured onto the building than if the books and other items had  already been shelved! They have been protected. The contents of this 10,000 square genealogy library are safe! And the 7,000 linear feet of library shelving (also covered and wrapped) have been protected from damage!

The Bad News: It will take some time to mitigate the effects of such a devastating fire. During this time these research materials will be largely unavailable for use. The building will be undergoing many renovations, including a new roof and a new firewall along the west side of the building.

Inspection of the electric wires, light fixtures, gas lines, furnaces, and air conditioners is underway as I write this blog. The original fire was caused by over-loading old wires with new appliances to equip two expanded hair salons and outfit additional air conditioning for new apartments in the Daryl Building. A common fault in remodeling an old building to new purposes, without changing all of the wiring to keep the costs lower.

The Genealogy Library Center has shifted from the old wiring to new power boxes, new lines, new light fixtures, new furnaces and air conditioners with new gas lines. We began the shift a while back and it continues today, speeded up to accommodate the hydrogel and drying machines that will be put in place this week.

You see, my genealogy research funds provide the income for the Center at this time and the pandemic lengthened the time span for both research and for construction workers.

How grateful we all are for the preservation of the building and its precious genealogy contents–many prayers were offered on 13 July as the fire raged on. And the firemen worked diligently and with precision to save this building and its contents! Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Stay tuned to this blog where updates will be posted. And know that research reports are being copied locally so they can be sent out as promised. Two very large ones–Hall and Lloyd–are being shipped this week.

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