New Books on the New Book Shelf at the Family History Library

Patriots in Georgia Revolutionary War Engagements, 1776-1782 by David A Noble and Richard P. Marsh.Published by the Atlanta chapter of Sons of the American Revolution,  2016.

This is an amazing book: 1) for the information it provides on men who served in Georgia during the war. And, 2) for the insight demonstrated by the actual entries themselves. Let me tell you about these learnings.

The second item first: Many, many soldiers, both officers and rank-and-file troops came from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. They served in Georgia qualifying for bounties and pensions from the state of Georgia. And the entries provide information for you to tie the men back to their original units.

Item 1): entries on the men themselves include the officers they served under, the units they were attached to, and where they served. The battles are also listed separately with a full list of the troops who fought in each battle.

And one soldier was listed by his surname in a form I have not encountered before–McA [McKay].

Seek it out at your earliest convenience–remember if you have ancestors from North and South Carolina or Virginia, they could have served in Georgia. This important information could lead you to their whereabouts after the war in a place you might no have thought of! Your favorite genealogist, with a love of the American South and its records, Arlene Eakle.

PS When I visit the Family History Library to do research on your surnames and mine, I first check the new book shelf to see what is there that matches some of the hard-to-find problems that I am working one–usually there is one or more book to help. How cool is that ?

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