Ribbon Wreaths for Christmas

Victoria Magazine (Nov 1995): 12 carries an editorial by then editor Nancy Lindemeyer:

Since the holidays are rich with tradition, this year why not revive a beautiful custom from the past?  I’ve always loved the ribbon wreaths with embroidered initials, that friends would create for one of their circle who was going away.  And it struck me what a lovely idea it would be to start a similar wreath for Christmas, each year tying on initialed ribbons for new friends and family members.

For this is the time of year when we gather loved ones around us.  And so does, very prettily, the Christmas Wreath.

The ribbons can hold whatever variant of this custom you wish to use:

  1. Initials
  2. Full names
  3. Names and dates of Ancestors
  4. Photos threaded with ribbons (including black-ribboned pics for those who have passed on)

Christmas inspires creative and thoughtful ways to celebrate family and friends!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle   http://arleneeakle.com

PS  Embroidery and needlework is almost a lost art.  You can reclaim it for your family this year or use a more convenient method:  colored markers or crayons (ironing the wax into the fabric after the words are written).  Have a very merry time!

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