The Writer’s Strike and Your Genealogy Success

Advancing technology and the way we choose to be entertained is in rapid flux. Writers, whose talents and skills and creative knowledge makes entertainment for us all, want a bigger piece of the pie. Preliminary negotiations were unsuccessful. So they went on strike–at the key moment of the technical year. And we get re-runs in the sweeps season.

Since my return to Utah, I have been on the telephone making changes in my access to technology. [And thanks to Kathryn for her alert to you.] First, I disconnected the 800 number I have had for over 25 years. We get a few genealogy calls, and a few clients call in on that toll free number to convey messages to me or to receive information from me.

The majority of my genealogy contacts have “flat rate” long distance service. Their only reason to use the 800 number was to leave a live message with Afton.

Afton is moving on Friday and Saturday to a retirement center near her granddaughter. For the next few weeks, her time will be spent settling in. She needs time to organize her books and videos and genealogy files in her new place.

Then she will be attending three genealogy events with me–November Research Retreat for My Ancestors Found the last week of November 2007 and the 22nd Annual Christmas Tour for Heritage Creations, the first week of December 2007. Both weeks at the Family History Library. In January we go to San Diego where I am speaking for the San Diego Genealogical Society Seminar. See my Speaking Schedule for details.

Second, I switched from DSL to High-Speed. The installation will take place at the end of this week and if all goes well, I will be writing the episodes of this Genealogy News Sheet from my own computer in a few days. (At this moment I am using a computer at the Family History Library.)

To understand the complexity of these simple steps, you need to know that I live at the end of the technological world. The new internet cable, carefully and painstakingly laid across the mountain a few months ago, is about to be covered with asphalt for the new “passing lanes” due to open across that same mountain in July 2008.

Typical government non-communication. So the new cable may have to be pulled and relaid. Then wireless may be a reality in our out-of-the-way valley.

As Kathryn and I drove across Wyoming, we saw a new right-of-way being laid north of I-80–thousands of orange conduits to carry the Congress-mandated high speed digital lines we will all have by 2009. I can’t guarantee that my valley will be up and running that soon. Neither can my new internet provider.

This is probably more than you wanted to know. Just wanted to give you a heads-up for the gaps in my promised coverage of our Eastern Trip 2007.

How does this relate to your genealogy success?

If I am your genealogy evidence guru. And if you read my News Sheet for new references to search. And if my guidance includes navigating the differing shoals of documentation and genealogy proof. Then, my gaps may affect your success.

Not for long. Between now and 1 Jan 2008, the News Sheet will appear almost every day–that is, as soon as my service is reinstalled. I am doing a ton of follow-up research in the original records at the Family History Library for those clients who signed on for our Eastern Trip.

This brings me in contact with what is new, important, focused, and sometimes just plain fun. And I will share all the details with you as we go along. By January, I will begin posting daily. Each post may be a little shorter and can be read more quickly.

Since I am at the Library every day until I get the reports completed, my own home telephone service is also disconnected. I am not yet certain if I am going to go only cell phone or if I will retain a land line too. I just know that I am going to make some efficient changes and I’ll keep you posted.

So communicate with me by email–I will be back online shortly and can respond–or by postal mail to PO Box 129, Tremonton UT 84337. Some mail has been lost in the delivery process. When I pick up the mail held for me or from my box, everything seems to get through to me. Don’t have telephone service–either answered live by Afton, or by me, for awhile. Your favorite genealogy guru, Arlene Eakle. Arlene’s Home Page

PS Watch for new content posted on my Home Page at almost every section the next few weeks. And note that you will be able to order books and research online very soon. Please excuse all of the ands in this post.

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