The Mature Genealogist

Dennis Preager, editorial KLO Radio, 7 Sep 2016, stated that a mature individual had the ability to determine the difference between the significant and the insignificant or trivial.

Distinguishing between significant evidence and insignificant trivia must be the hallmark of a genealogist. The easy answer, even when matched by the computer to what you already know, requires review by someone who has enough skill and knowledge to choose the right answer.,,, and have added record match and pedigree match to their sites enabling you to save time and effort by following the matches. And each screen will add different matches depending upon the data provided by that record. Pedigrees entered into Roots Magic and loaded on their website also matched data on MyHeritage and FindMyPast.

Remember that every mature genealogist was once a beginner learning how to create a family tree from individual entries from records and sources. Maturity is gained—not in age, but in experience.

I’d like to invite you to register for this Friday’s “Ask the Pros: Advanced Census Strategies” at http:/ 10:00 am Friday 9 Sep 2016. You can submit a timeline on your own ancestors for review and research suggestions by Holly Hansen and Arlene Eakle. If its Friday, its Ask the Pros.

Advanced census techniques and strategies will help you become a mature genealogist, regardless of your skill level. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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