Santa needs Cookies and Milk–Get Ready for 24 December 2014!

My doorbell just rang. And what to my wondering eyes should appear–a four-wheeler with Santa Claus in tow.  He had a little jar of M&M’s for me.  And the jar was inscribed with my name!  How cool is that?

The Dairy Farmers of Canada has figured it all out–why Santa needs cookies and milk…

If 80% of the world is nice, Santa has to deliver 5.6 billion presents to them.
If 20% of the world is naughty, Santa has to deliver 1.4 billion lumps of coal to them.

And Santa will burn over 684 billion calories to do his job.  Jolly old St. Nick needs fuel–and it is up to us to provide 50 million gallons of milk and 3.8 billion cookies!

So we need to get baking–only a little over 2 days left before He takes flight with his load of goodies. Or buying if you don’t bake–gingerbread men are preferred.  But chocolate chip, coconut-pecan Sandies, Snickerdoodles, frosted sugar cookies, and even vanilla wafers will do.  (Progressive Dairy Farmers Magazine, 12 Dec 2014, pp.20-21.)

Santa gave me M&M’s; he’ll collect my favorite–raisin-filled cookies.  Merry Christmas to all, your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  I am having trouble connecting to the internet with any consistency.  Cannot send email nor access websites. Hang in there with me, Kathryn is trying to get it fixed–but I have a three-year-old machine and updates screw it all up.  Working to get research reports sent out–a lot of them.  Watch your postal mail boxes.

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