“Knowledge is not Power…”

“Knowledge is not power–only applied knowledge is.” Dan Kennedy

__If you attend my presentations at a Family History Expo

__If you buy my how-to-do-it books from my website…

__If you take a genealogy class–through your own genealogical society…

__If you study genealogy at your local community college…

And you don’t remove the shrink wrap or you can’t read your class notes–this acquired genealogy knowledge is not applied to trace your hardest-to-find ancestors.

Some genealogists cannot get enough knowledge–their genealogy books are dog-eared.  When I look over the audience at an Expo or seminar, their faces smile back at me with excitement.  When the class is over, they come up to tell me of their latest discovery.  Or they have brought the pivotal document that proves the generation tie to share with me.

Genealogy Power comes from knowing what sources  will provide the information you need and where you can get these sources.

This Genealogy News Sheet blog is dedicated to genealogy evidence and the records and sources that supply this evidence.  It can become a genuine source of Genealogy Power for you–as it has become for me.  Information that I want at my fingertips is in every issue of this blog.  When I need these facts and titles and websites and reasoning–serious genealogy reasoning, I come back again and again to these episodes.

The Google Search Bar at the right-hand corner of each blog helps me to find just what I want quickly and easily–a ready reference of Genealogy Power!

And you can get the same concrete benefit from these entries that I do.  Stay tuned!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle   http://arleneeakle.com

PS  Next blog entry will give you an up-date in the continuing saga of my beloved GMC Sierra pickup truck.  You won’t believe…



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