Hurry, before the genealogy education price increase!

Holly Hansen just notified me that the prices of her Family History Expos were going up on 31 March at Midnight.

If you have been intending to register for an event, this would be a good time to do it– Every EXPO, you get to hear me, as well as some of the premier genealogy speakers in this country.  And many you have not heard before.

This is what I have learned about Holly Hansen’s EXPOS–she brings in bloggers who have something fresh and interesting to say.  She attracts vendors, many at the local level, who have stuff you can buy that is not available any other place–In Mesa AZ in January, my booth was located next to one selling essential oils.  In the very back of the booth was a small table with a table cloth on it, one chair in front of it, and a stack of books and file folders laying on it.  A sign said Northern NEW YORK.  At the first available moment I was free, I went into that booth, uninvited I blush to say.  I sat down and looked at each item.  When the lady of the booth came, I asked, “Are these books for sale.  She said,  “They are.”  So I replied, “I will buy them all.  Please box them up and give me  bill.”

Later, I discovered I had been a subscriber of her periodical, New York Pedigrees. Somehow, my subscription stopped and I had no idea where she was located.   How glad I was to see her–Patricia James.  And to catch up with all the wonderful stuff she had compiled since.

New speakers come, who agree to talk about their subject. They usually have something interesting to say–with a passion and expertise that sort of wears off after you have given the same talk over and over again.  Watch for Holly to post their topics and their syllabus entries–which you can access as soon as you register for the event.

Take the time to check out the events scheduled for 2011–on a brand-new website that is clean and uncluttered.  A website where the navigation flows easily from page to page and where the instructions make sense.  Holly Hansen designed this site herself to replace the one she lost last winter when a fire hit the server.

Only take it from me–a non-tech–I can navigate and use this new site, something I could never do on the old one.  So I learn alot each encounter with Family History Expos I have.

Come join the fun while the price is still the same as it has always been–for 7 years no price increase–until 31 March 2011.  31 March 2011 the prices increase.

Use your tax refund to pay for genealogy education at its funnest and best!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  And remember, you get to hear me speak and to talk to me about your hardest research problem at each EXPO.  Bring your pedigree and family charts.  I bet we can jump-start your research again.

PPS  If you are strapped for money–the Exhibit Hall is FREE.  Here you can sit in on tech demonstrations without a name badge.  Come try it out.

PPPS Check out the Migration Expo

Salt Lake City UT Migration Family History Expo

Salt Lake City UT Migration Family History Expo

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