Learning from Today to Understand Yesterday…And the Ghosts on your Pedigree!

Most of the time today, the stock market is rising–to an all-time high. Corporate earnings are up 20%. The news media tell you that the economy is growing–slowly to be sure, but growing with boosts from industrials, housing, new cars loans, and military spending.  And yet…

Auto loan repos are up 70%, with 30-60 day delinquencies for regular payments.  Bad loans are written off with an average of $8,000.00+ still left to be paid.

Young mens’ wages have fallen 20% since 1980!  Marriageable-age men today are not marrying because they do not make enough to support a wife and kids. And marriage requires two substantial incomes to cover mortgage, braces, school fees and books, participation fees in sports and music.

50% of children today are born out-of-wedlock to this same age group.  So, like it or not, these young men are still supporting girl friends and kids.  Life is not put on hold.  Just the legalities which require other financial commitments.

This is the keylife is not put on hold.  Not today.  Not yesterday.  Not in the past inhabited by your ancestors–Life was not put on hold!

These are facts from the Pew Research Center.  And these facts urge genealogy caution:  be careful of jumping to conclusions. Life is more complicated than you may suppose.  The most obvious answer or the most convenient answer may not be correct. Databases galore easily available on your electronic devices provide multiple choices for ancestors with the right names, the right dates, the right places, and even the right connections or migration patterns.

CAUTION:  Your conclusions.  Your choices.  Your ancestors.  Most couples eventually married.  Look for the marriage documents. At least 16 official marriage documents could be recorded for each couple. Search them all.

Then search for supporting evidence in church minutes where the clerk and pastor recorded the rest of the story.  Read the court minutes where the government tried to enforce the law.  Check the probate files where inheritances were awarded.  And the newspapers where the local gossip was shared by the reporter or editor.

Then you will be in a position to state your pedigree is complete and correct.  At least as correct as existing records allow it to be.  And if the DNA also matches. . .Bingo! you know these ancestors are yours.

October 26-October 312014, Holly Hansen’s Research Retreat is scheduled for the Family History Library, Salt Lake City UT.  If you come, Holly, Arlene Eakle, James Tanner, Janie Anderson, and Sharon Monson will take you by the hand and lead you to your ancestors.

This special event will put a checklist of official marriage documents, with their supporting evidences, in your hands.  You find your own ancestors at the Retreat–using the vast resources of the Family History Library under our expert guidance.  A full week of undisturbed learning and research! On your own ancestors! Under the practiced eye of 5 (five) expert genealogists

Register while there is still room:  http://familyhistoryexpos.com

Your mother will thank you, your father will thank you, your grandparents will thank you–forever.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  This Research Retreat is the most reasonably priced, affordable, genealogy treat you will find this year–please come.

PPS  Special treats on Halloween, 31 October 2014 along with the Ghosts of your Pedigree.


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