Would You Like Me To Lead You By The Hand To Your Ancestors?

Would you like me to take you by the hand?  And lead you to your hard-to-find ancestors?
Well…, the easiest way I know for that to happen–actually–is for you to register for the April Research Retreat at the Family History Library and the Plaza Hotel next door to the Library in Salt Lake City.  And if we are lucky, the warm Spring sun will welcome you each day.

This retreat is sponsored by Family History Expos.  It runs from 13-18 April 2009–a full week .  Jimmy Parker teaches classes in the morning, bright and early.  And I teach classes every day at 5:30 pm–then we all go to dinner to discuss your day’s work and what you plan to do next day.

Each and every day you get to work  one-on-one:

With me. Literally, I will take you by the hand and lead you to your ancestors! I spend two to three days every week, until the Library closes at night research among the collections there.  Just Saturday, I discovered a new every-name index to some 250 volumes of Maryland DAR record extracts–all of which are on film at the FHL!  I floated to the copy machines to make my copies!

With Jimmy Parker, who has his ear to the Family History Library ground and can tell you what is new and what is coming.

With Judy Wight, one of the best Irish genealogists around.

And with Janene and Janie, and Holly Hansen, and even Kimberley (who has promised to bring her new baby girl to see us all).  They will be on hand all week to see that you get loads of ancestor data to take home with you.

And since times are economically tough for all of us, costs are lower for this Retreat than ever before.  You cannot afford to miss out on such a useful research bargain, and fulfilling genealogy experience.

And there is always a genealogy bookstore in the hotel during the week and Janene and I bring goodies and books and gifts for you to share with the folks back home–we have thought of everything.

And the Plaza Hotel goes out of the way to make sure your room is ready, the food is tasty and nutritious, and that the elevators are speedy enough to get you to Library when it opens!

You can check out the schedule of classes and their topics online at Family History Expos.  Will I see you there?  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle.  http://www.arleneeakle.com

PS  Be sure to bring your hardest-to-find ancestor–the FHL has so many new sources and records that you are sure to crack the problem this Spring Retreat!

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