Researching, Writing, Teaching–and Always Learning

Next week, I get to spend every day at the Family History Library Researching, Writing, Teaching–and Always Learning. My favorite things to do. I am not an online tech with multiple devices, although I may use more than one device during the week. And while I am researching in depth, I hope to share with you, my loyal readers, some of my learnings.

Truly a happy experience!

My husband once told me that I could smell a Library nearby–and that is about right. I have visited such a wide variety of libraries that, even in a large city I can determine from the layout of the city where the main public library will most likely be. In a county, where the County Library System will be. In a local town, on what street the building is most likely to be. And which building is a library or has a library in it.

Today, my smart phone has Google. I say, “Hey Google,” to it, and I get the response, “Listening.” How cool is that? “Where is the nearest Library?” And up pops the street map with the locations marked in red. Now that is a device!

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Reports shipped:
William B. Allen
These are all interim reports. Writing a report, with conclusions, is not a challenge I relish. I like to plan a research project, search the records, evaluate the evidence, and then draft a list of questions unanswered and how to answer them–that is, another research plan. Second-guessing the evidence is an uneasy practice for me. But clients get restive, waiting for the searches to be made. “Is she ill?” “Have my ancestors been so lost that they cannot be found?” The answer is “NO!” in both instances. So I now describe what has been done–with tidbits that might be of interest. And questions still unanswered. I don’t usually second-guess anything. And you don’t want to do it either. Keep listening…

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