Announcing a new Genealogy Book Underway–

Some years ago, my most requested seminar presentation was American Migration Patterns. Expanded versions of the original piece were just about as popular–with information on New England, the middle states of New York and Pennsylvania, various parts of the Old South including Virginia, movements into Ohio and West Virginia, and importance of migration for the State of Missouri.

An early American Migration Patterns publication was also a very popular work. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of copies are busy circulating among genealogists who attended those presentations. I remember especially a series of workshops scheduled in the greater Los Angeles area–every night of the week somewhere–with newly-printed copies available. Actually, I turned off the press just minutes before I left to catch my plane to LA to begin the week.

Well, I am working methodically to capture all of that instructional material for a new edition of American Migration Patterns. This new version will be well-illustrated with maps, documents, case studies (some with updates and outcomes of continued research). Each chapter written, illustrated, and edited by me, based on my years of research experience and the many pedigrees and family charts I have compiled. (Almost all of my publications have included the work and editing of my daughter Linda Brinkerhoff, and this book will include her work as well.)

 My Personal Invitation–I invite you to put this new publication on your wish list for gifts and acquisitions to your own personal genealogy library collection. Page count and price will be announced later for this amazing new book. And I will announce its projected date of issue in early March. Please watch my blog for that announcement. Your favorite American genealogist, Arlene Eakle 

PS During this “Year without Genealogy” I have not been idle. Reading and re-reading important historical and genealogical publications and periodicals. Studying difficult research problems anew—seeking clues that would re-start the search. Hunting for maps that showed early trails and locations of river crossings. Ordering books not currently in my vast personal library collections. Stay tuned!

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