Live from the U.S. Land and Property Research Retreat…

Hi from the Crystal Inn in downtown Salt Lake City!  We are in the classroom listening to James Tanner discuss Why Property Records are Important with maps and definitions to help us understand property records.  Then Holly Hansen will teach us How to Use the Catalog of the Family History Library.  This catalog is the key to searching for your ancestors–unless you know how to use this catalog, you may miss the very record that proves who your ancestor was and how he was related to his family members.  Many times, the answer can be found in this amazing library collection and its disappearing book collection.

Then I get to present Research FUNdamentals: Basic Sources with an emphasis on land and tax records.


Not if you want to prove relationships on your family tree!  Property records are essential.

At noon, we will be shuttled to lunch and research on specific ancestors at the Library–under the watchful eyes and skills of James, Holly, and me. Each student or attendee works on their own ancestors and we work hard all week to direct them to proof.

Classes in morning and evening, research at the Family History Library during the day. All week!  One observer was reported to say, “How lucky can you be to get Arlene Eakle to help you all week.”

There is a retreat every month–why not join us?  Let us lead you to he proof of your ancestors too. Register at to day before the courses fill up.  Each one is kept small so we can help you. Register now!

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  While some of the instructors are not present every month, I am there to help you eery month for a whole week!  This is one of the great bargains in genealogy research today! Register now.

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