My Dentist Gave Me Smile Lessons…

I visited my dentist on the way home from the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree–to get my teeth cleaned and checked.  There is an infection in the corner of my mouth.  He looked it over and gave me smile lessons.  Seems the muscles around my mouth are sagging a little, creating a crease where the bugs can grow.

If I smile more, the crease will disappear and the bugs too.  And it is working.  I laughed all the way home.

Common sense rather than horrific drugs!

How Does Common Sense Apply to Your Genealogy?

Roots Magic is a user-friendly software program, based on common sense.  The instructions on the screen make sense–the next thing to do makes sense.  If you are looking for a program that interfaces with NEW familysearch and will import your data without losing your notes–take a look at the award-winning Roots Magic 4.

I attended training classes on Roots Magic, where we had the chance to try each part of the program.  Using a controlled genealogy under the watchful eye of Michael Booth–one of the program’s developers.  As if we were beginners.  And as if the program were connected to familysearch.

Common sense.  In your genealogy.  What a novel idea.  Who would have thought?  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  We need bloggers in Sheridan WY, Billings MT, and Redding CA.  Who do you know?  You?  Your friends?  Your cousins?  Send me an email if you know of one or two.

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